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Dietrich Summer Research Fellowship

Since 2015, we have 15 grants available to us, of $10,000 each (amount varies by year), to distribute out of the Dietrich endowment for each summer.  As per the Graduate Dean’s restrictions, students awarded a Dietrich summer grant may NOT have another grant (internal or external) for the same period; nor may they hold a teaching position.  This also means they may NOT be awarded one of the twelve Dean’s Summer Research travel grants ($3000) for the same summer.  Eligibility criteria below: 

Eligibility criteria:

• First priority is given to students who will be using these funds for their first summer of graduate level research (of course, they must also have applied with a credible plan for use of the funds).  In any given year, this is likely to be 5 students, leaving 10 grants to be awarded to continuing students.  (Please note: students may defer their award in any given summer, but they may only have three such awards over the period of their time in the program.)

• Continuing students will compete for the remaining 10 summer grants, with their applications ranked according to the criteria below.  Though the quality of the application and plan for research or study will weigh heavily in each and every case, priority will be given to:

1. those who have deferred their summer funding and are still eligible to receive one of their three awards;

2. those who have concluded all research, are in the final stage of PhD work, and need summer support to finish drafting the dissertation;

3. those in the process of continuing dissertation research.  (Students in category 3 are and should be the most likely to spend their summers acquiring teaching experience and/or winning other grants.) 

• while continuing students do compete for the ten Dietrich summer grants available to them each year, they are still guaranteed three such grants during their graduate career.  After the initial summer grant, the timing of the remaining two depends on the strength of their applications and their priority category.

To apply for and receive Dietrich summer funds, all students (whether first year, continuing, or finishing) must submit:

• a one page description of the research, language study, or other preparation to be undertaken with the summer fund and its contribution to the student’s degree work;

• a budget outlining how the funds are to be used;

• the signature of the student’s advisor, approving the plan;

• and, once the summer research is concluded, a short (150-200 word) description of what was accomplished with the fund.  This description is to be sent to the Graduate Administrator in September and will be placed in the student’s file. 

The application deadline for this fund is typically around the end of March.  Please send your applications to the Graduate Administrator.